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Individual Points & Team Points Are Live!    

Monday, July 9, 2018 7:46 PM

The Individual Points Table & Team Points Table are live on the Golf League page!  Golfers may now track their point totals from medal and match play as well as points awarded to their team for Low Team Net and Low Individual Net.

You may view the tables for the entire league, OR you may view the tables for individual teams by clicking on that team's name.

Below is a brief description of each figure present in the stat tables.

Individual Points

# - Golfer's current handicap.

Rounds - Number of matches golfed (each round = 9 holes). 

Medal & Match - A golfer may earn up to 10 points from Medal play and 10 points from Match play each round for a maximum of 20 points.

Total Pts - The sum of all Medal and Match points earned this season.

Avg Pts (or Points Per Round) - The number of points a golfer has earned divided by the number of rounds they have golfed (maximum = 20.0).

Team Points

Matches - The number of competitive matches that team has played this season. BYE weeks and matches against "No Opponent" do not count toward this or any other stats.

Low Team Net - 10 points are awarded to whichever team has the lowest net score. If both teams have the same value for team net score, then the points will be split and 5 points will be awarded to each team.

Low Individual Net - Once it has been determined which golfer has the lowest net score in a match, 10 points will be awarded to that golfer's team. The points will be split by both teams if there is a tie for lowest individual net. 

Total - The sum of all Low Team Net and Low Individual Net points a team has earned this season.



Please let me know by email (alec.carstens@unmc.edu) if you believe I have made any mistakes here on EZLeagues OR on the Intramural website. 


- Alec Carstens 


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