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Golf Rules & Regulations    

General Information

The 2018 UNMC Golf League will conduct play on the Elmwood Park Golf Course.

·       The starting date is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2018.

·       The first foursome will tee off at 5:00pm and the remaining foursomes will tee off at seven minute intervals thereafter.

·       League play will be conducted concurrently on both the front and back nine.

·       A match will consist of nine holes.

Each team registering in the UNMC Golf League will be required to pay a $60.00 entry fee.

April 27, 2018 – Green Fee Deadline

·       Each team must pay the green fees for the league by this date

The following pay table is based on the number of teams in the league.


  League     Total Registration Costs Total Costs
Teams Weeks Played Tourney Green Fee Green Fees Early Late Early Late
17 16 2 $16 $1,152 $60 $70 $1,212 $1,222
16 15 2 $16 $1,088 $60 $70 $1,148 $1,158
15 14 2 $16 $1,024 $60 $70 $1,084 $1,094
14 13 2 $16 $960 $60 $70 $1,020 $1,030
13 12 2 $16 $896 $60 $70 $956 $966
12 14 2 $16 $1,024 $60 $70 $1,084 $1,094

 Teams may enter more than one team for the tournament scramble and pay the additional green fees.

Any disputed rules will be resolved by a three member AD HOC Committee to be appointed by the President. The committee, as appointed, will not include members from either team involved in the dispute. 


League Rules

  1. United States Golf Association rules for medal play and local Elmwood Rules will govern play.
  2. Winter rules will be observed on the entire course. The player may improve his lie only with the head of the club. Also, the player may not move the ball more than six inches or closer the hole. Penalty for breach of Rule 2: two strokes and loss of hole.
    1. If you are in the rough you must stay in the rough.
    2. You may not improve your lie in a hazard.
  3. Sand Traps: Prior to your descending blow to the ball, you may not touch the sand with your club head. This includes practice swings. Penalty is one stroke!
  4. Fence Rule – If the ball is next to a fence, you may drop the ball two club lengths from the fence (no closer to the green) with no penalty.
  5. Out of Bounds Rule - (two options)

a.     Option 1, you may play stroke and distance. Play your next stroke from where you hit the ball last and take one stroke penalty.

b.     Option 2, you may drop your ball two club lengths from the point your ball went out of bounds, one stroke penalty. The point out of bounds is where your ball crossed the out of bound marker not where your ball ended up. Line of flight rule does not apply here as it does for a lateral hazard.

  1. Lost Ball Rule - (two options). If a player’s ball has not been found after 2 minutes of searching, it shall be deemed lost.  
    1. Option 1: you may drop a ball in the area your original ball is thought to be and take a one stroke penalty.
    2. Option 2: you may go back along the line of flight to drop your ball and take a one stroke penalty.

Either option, the drop area should be agreed upon by your opponent.

  1. Hole #2: A ruling on this hole is necessary due to the water hazard and the conflicts that have resulted in taking strokes.
    1. The player should make an attempt to hit the ball off the tee.
    2. If, after one stroke, the ball is either a. short of the water or b. in the water, the player may move the ball to the other side of the water and take a stroke penalty. The player would then be lying two, hitting three. The ball should be dropped in the drop area left of the green by the pine trees, and played from there.
  2. If, after seven (7) strokes a player is not yet on the green, that player must pick up his/her ball and take a nine for the hole.
    1. A maximum of eight strokes may be taken on a hole.
    2. After eight strokes, the player must pick up his/her ball and take a nine.
    3. A player will be disqualified from that week's competition if they intentionally take nine strokes in order to raise his/her handicap.
  3. Bad Weather: If the course is open, we play!
    1. Both teams will meet at the designated tee time and plan to play unless the course superintendent determines that conditions are unplayable (Call Elmwood Golf Course, 444-4683). However, we do have a little leeway here. They have been letting us cancel if the weather is too cold and rainy.
    2. If both teams agree to discontinue play in bad weather after 5 holes, scores can be calculated from the number of holes played. If both teams agree to discontinue play before completing five holes, the match will be replayed from the start at a later date. This date must be agreed upon by both captains.
    3. If both teams do not agree to discontinue play in bad weather after 5 holes (one team wants to play & the other team wants to quit) the match will end at that hole. All scores will remain the same on the completed holes. Play will continue on the next hole at a later date which must be agreed upon by both captains.
    4. Rainouts – Scoring & Handicaps – If a rainout occurs and a round cannot be finished, calculate your adjusted handicap by multiplying your handicap by the number of holes completed and dividing by 9.

These adjusted handicaps are to be used for scoring that round only. You must finish 9 holes to be eligible for low individual net.

  1. If any dispute arises (e.g. on lie of the ball, ruling, number of strokes taken, etc.), try to resolve the problem before teeing off at the next hole.
  2. Short putts (less than the length of the club’s shaft) may only be given to a player by his opponent.
    2. If it is accepted, it should not be putted.
    3. If it is putted and missed, all strokes must be counted. This rule will speed up play.

League Play

1.     There will be a maximum of seventeen (17) teams allowed in the League. The first 17 teams to submit the entry fee will be granted membership to the league. Any person wishing to play who is not a member of the first 17 teams should contact the Center for Healthy Living (x9-8422 or x9-5254).

2.     New Golf League members may be added to the roster at any time before the tournament round provided they have not played for another team.

3.     The League Secretary will attempt to schedule teams to play an equal number of games on both the front nine and back nine.

4.     The season will consist of a league-wide round robin. If fewer than 17 teams are in the league, there may be up to two weeks of position play and/or a fun week scramble during the season.

5.     A traveling trophy will be awarded to the league champion. The champion will be determined based on the league standings at the end of regular season play (before tournament play).

6.     There will be a 3-group round robin tournament if total teams is 12. The 3-group round robin tournament will divide the league into 3 groups of 4 teams based on the position in which they finish the regular season. The group divisions will be as follows: 1st-4th place, 5th-8th place, and 9th-12th place. The winning team from each group will be awarded the 2017 championship T-shirts.

7.     There will also be an 18-hole tournament scramble following the 3-group round robin tournament. No new players will be allowed for the tournament scramble. Players must have played on a team in order to play in the tournament. Players may play one or both weeks. Teams will play one nine during the first week and the other nine during the next week. The winner of the scramble will be awarded the championship T-shirts.

Team Members

1.     In order to be considered eligible to play for a team, an individual must be a UNMC/NE Medicine student, staff member, faculty member, volunteer, retiree, OR the spouse/parent/child (aged 16 or older) of a UNMC/NE Medicine student, staff member, faculty member, volunteer, retiree. “In-laws” are not considered “eligible”

2.     Additionally, each team is allowed a maximum of three non-UNMC/NE Medicine players on their roster. In other words, each team is allowed a maximum of three players that are otherwise considered ineligible (e.g. neighbors, friends, siblings).

3.     Please contact Alec Carstens at the Center for Healthy Living (alec.carstens@unmc.edu or x9-5093) if you need any further clarification on an individual’s eligibility to play.

4.     A team roster should consist of a maximum of 10 players. Non-regular players should be referred to the sub-list.

5.     A roster of substitutes (players uncommitted to a single team’s roster) will be available to all teams. In the event that a team cannot field four players, they may draw players from this list. This will, hopefully, reduce the size of team rosters and allow non-regular players to participate more frequently.

a.     An **exception** will be made for players whose teams have not made the tournament round. These players will be eligible as subs during the tournament round.

b.     Additionally, any players on a team with a bye during the regular season may be used as substitutes on the night of that bye.

6.     No player may play in the tournament if he/she has not played a minimum of one round of play during the current season prior to the start of the tournament.

7.     The team captain is responsible for notifying team members of tee times and reporting scores to the CFHL.


1.     Handicaps will be carried over from previous years (up to three year span). If someone has not established a handicap in the last three years, they must establish a new handicap. If you missed 1-2 years, your most recent handicap will be used. Your handicap from the previous year is the average of the entire previous season

2.     Handicaps will be obtained from a running average. This running average will be calculated using the difference between the player’s gross score and the Elmwood Men's Par × 80% for the first five (5) matches which that player competes. Values of 0.5 or greater will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. Once a player completes his/her sixth match, the handicap for the first round of the season will be dropped from his/her average. Thereafter, only the handicaps from his/her last five matches will be averaged.

3.     Handicaps will have a maximum of 27. If a player shoots a 75 and the previous calculation brings him/her to a 33, the maximum handicap rule brings that value down to 27.

4.     Handicaps will not be computed when a player is not paired with a competitor for the opposing team.

5.     Handicaps will not be computed when a player misses one or more holes and is forced to score a 9 on any hole. **This must be marked on the scoring worksheet so that the handicap is not altered!

6.     Players that are new to the league (i.e. without handicaps) will not have an established handicap listed until their third round. They will be required to play in last position for their first two rounds and calculate their handicap for each individual week. Handicap is computed by taking their score minus the par (34) times 0.8. Starting on their third round, the new player will have a handicap representing both previous rounds.


Team Scoring

1.     Total points per match (10 points).

a.     4 points individual match play (1 point each match) (for each match, a maximum of 18 strokes difference will be given; two (2) strokes per hole).

b.     4 points individual medal play (1 point each match).

c.     1 point for team low net. (Based upon the four individuals net scores from each team).

d.     1 point for individual low net. (Based upon the low individual net scores from each team).

2.     In the event of a tie, points will be divided equally.

3.     The official handicap hole rating on the Elmwood score cards shall be used to determine match play winners.

4.     In the event that a team does not show up for a scheduled match, the opposing team shall win by forfeit and shall receive:

a.     10 points if 4 members play

b.     8 points if 3 members play

c.     6 points if 2 members play

d.     4 points if 1 member plays.

To avoid forfeiting, a team must field at least one player. To win by forfeit, the team that is present must play the scheduled round.

5.     If any expected members of a team are absent at the assigned time, players who are present should tee off first (2-2, 4-4, etc.). If a player is still absent when the hole is open, the rest of the players must begin. If both captains agree, the first foursome of the following match may tee off instead. The next group must be from the original match; no other delay is given.

6.     A late player will not be allowed to start play at the first tee if any player has teed-off behind his group. The player must join his team at the next hole of play, taking a score of 9 for all holes missed. If the late member misses 4 holes of play, the individual match will be forfeited.


Reporting Scores

1.     The winning team's captain is responsible for reporting the scores of a round to the League Statistician before 12:00pm on the Friday following the match. The captain is also responsible for turning in the scoring worksheets. Score cards are also necessary if there are some questions on rules or scores. The worksheets should be filled out entirely (player first and last names are recommended). A signature on the bottom of the worksheet is required from both teams. Captains may deliver the worksheets to the front desk at the CFHL, mail them to the CFHL (zip 5530), or email a clear photograph of the worksheet to the league statistician (alec.carstens@unmc.edu).

2.     Team standings and individual handicaps will be made available to the players before the next week’s round via email or the Center for Healthy Living's website (https://www.unmc.edu/cfhl/intramural/golf.html).

3.     Late Cards: No cards will be accepted after 12:00 pm (noon) on the Tuesday following the match. The winning team will be penalized by forfeiting all points earned that night, as it is their captain’s responsibility to turn in the scorecards.

4.     Lost Cards: Teams that have lost score cards can either:

a.     Collaborate to reconstruct each team’s score, or

b.     Split points, with handicaps remaining the same.


Player Positioning

1.     Each captain must inform the opposing captain of the handicaps of the players who are scheduled to play the match.

2.     The lowest handicap of one team shall be matched against the lowest handicap of the opposing team (2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 4). If both captains agree, opponents do not have to be in the same foursome.

3.     If a player shows up late, he will assume his proper position (if possible). If not, the match-ups will be rearranged after the round has been completed.

4.     Foursomes shall consist of two paired opponents from each team. The captains shall decide which pairs will be in each foursome.

5.     A player without a handicap (including new payers before their third round) will play in the last position on his/her team for that day. If two or more players on each team are playing without a handicap, position of play between non-handicapped players will be determined after the match (although they will remain in the 3rd and 4th positions).

6.     If a team plays with an ineligible player, they must inform the opposing team’s captain before the match is started. If their opponent has more players that are eligible, the team with the ineligible player automatically loses one match point, one medal point and low team net. If a team does not follow the above procedure and their ineligible player is found competing for points, then the team will forfeit all ten points.


Hints for Speedier Play

From the City of Omaha Golf Division, the Center for Healthy Living & UNO Campus Rec

1.     Be on time

2.     Wait until the group in front reaches the green. At Elmwood, where we have short par 4's, the golfer must tee off when the group in front reaches the green, not when they leave.

3.     Always have the shortest hitter tee off first and the longest hitter last.

4.     The putting green is where much time is spent; have your putt lined up while others are putting. Use the continuous putting rule – twelve (12) inches or less should be putted out not marked.

5.     Play Ready Golf when possible, or at least be ready to hit your ball when it is your turn.

6.     Once again, common sense and thinking about the group behind you is the key to proper play.

7.     Keep up with the group ahead of you. If you have fallen back by a hole or more, pick up the pace!

8.     The golf course is a great place for conversation, but do it while you are walking (not while it is your turn, or when someone else is ready to hit).

9.     Save time around the green; place your bag/cart towards the next tee (definitely not in front of the green).

10. Sand traps - bring the rake with you into the trap.

11. Keep practice swings to a minimum.

12. Do not hold up play by looking for a lost ball. If you can't find it after a couple minutes, a penalty stroke should be taken and play should be continued.

13. If a player is not yet in the hole after eight strokes, that player must pick up his/her ball and take a 9 for the hole.



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